About us


Mpartners is a professional consultancy company with tailored and integrated expertise.

It was founded in 2003, from the business idea of a group of professionals who had grown up in the world of management and accounting consultancy.

The experience, results driven and constant professional growth of our people are the distinguishing features of Mpartners vision.

Mpartners consultants have developed extensive professional experience, providing listed and non-listed companies, belonging to financial and manufacturing sectors, with a wide range of advisory services.

Our knowledge comes from in-depth analysis, and draws its concreteness from daily on-the-job activities.

Significant investments in recruitment and training are made in order to empower human capital and quality of the people who work in Mpartners.

Through to a well-balanced mix of resources and experiences, we are able to provide clients high-quality services, guaranteeing efficiency and allowing a real saving of time and costs.


Creating value for customers by offering customized solutions with high technical standards and a results driven approach, in order to build profitable and long-lasting relationships.


The generated value is expressed through our client’s satisfaction.

Our distinctive features are set in clearly defined objectives, dedication to the customer and the ability to make his challenges our own.

Our approach is based on the full client’s goal-sharing, for this we are able to support both large multinationals and start-up, providing a quick, complete tailored service that can add value to the business.

Our aim is creating value for our clients and competitive advantage for their activities, levering on the values of integrity and quality of the supplied services.


Our skills are constantly updated according to regulation evolutions and sector changes.

We take care of the work carried out by our clients down to the smallest detail and we dedicate all our work commitment to them: we grow with our clients.

We guarantee high-level quality services, based on professional standards inspired by excellence.

Excellence and skills are keywords for the success of our business.